It's Simply Customs...

Burdensome, time-consuming and maybe a feeling of nervousness is what Customs is associated with for many companies. Simplicus is an independent consultancy company within Customs and logistics. Our focus is to simplify and defuse the Customs processes for our customers while saving costs and streamlining the supply chain with enhanced compliance as a bonus.  Simplicus is founded by Kristian Halse who has experience from all aspects of Customs.

Challenges are not so difficult if you have the right support and experience behind you and with my help and experience you can save money, do the right things and  - we will have fun together.

Simplicus was founded from the will to add value for the companies I have encountered during my career within Customs and logistics. As an independent consultant with a broad network I can pick the best pieces from different suppliers and together we develop a Customs solution meeting your needs enabling an efficient supply chain.

Customs should be a natural part of your supply chain and an area where you can save money, time and gain competetive advantages. With the right strategy, the right partners and the right comepetence - you will achieve that!

Simplicus services include:

  • Consultation - strategic and operational

  • Procurement of Customs services

  • Interim Management

  • Training

  • Customs Support

  • Quality checks

Please take contact so that we can discuss your specific needs.